ITIC's activities are carried out by a multi-disciplinary team, including economists, engineers and legal advisors and is therefore prepared to act with high level of effectiveness in the domains for which was created.

Economic and Management Studies Department

Economic and Management Studies Department activities are accomplished mainly through:

  • The development of Strategic Diagnoses, Investment Projects and Sector Studies
  • Representing Portugal in the Euroconstruct network, being responsible for the report on the Portuguese construction market;
  • The collaboration with entities and the participation in Working Groups within the Construction Sector whose aim is to discuss the problems of the Construction Sector;
  • In the gathering, treatment and disposal of statistical data and other relevant Information .

Training Department

Professional training is a crucial instrument in sustainable development and cannot be seen as a simple adjustment element between demand and supply in the labour market. All social and economic agents should be involved in this process as a way of guarantying that qualitative changes are introduced in order to ensure an adequate response of the training system to firms actual needs, therefore playing an essential role in firms increase of productivity and competitiveness.

ITIC's training programme comprises a broad range of subjects intended to fill the specific needs of construction firms.

Technical Department


Techical support to the Economics Department.

Expert Inspections

Our service in this area comprehends the identification of construction pathologies and the presentation of the respective corrective and/our preventive actions.